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Choice Tax Solutions Inc. specializes in tax preparation, audit representation, solving tough tax problems, retirement planning, and more.

Our expertise is in taxation -- we specialize in individual and small business tax preparation.  As tax resolution specialists, we have helped many people out of serious IRS and and State problems (non-filed back year tax returns, federal and state audits, liens, levies, tax court issues, mistakes of previous preparers, etc.).  Retirement planning from a tax point of view will show you how to reduce your taxable income and provide for your future at the same time.  Our budget counseling helps you with a plan of attack to get rid of your credit card debt, so instead of paying monthly bills, you can establish an emergency fund, an IRA, fund your 401k at work, and have money for your goals and dreams.

All work is performed in our office by a federally licensed enrolled agent, admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.  Regardless of which state you reside in, we can prepare your taxes (ANY YEAR!) and represent you before any taxing authority.  Our high standards, experience, responsive service, helpful staff and small office feel make us unique.  We are not a factory or a chain, and we work year-round to assist our clients.

We represent taxpayers from all 50 states, and serve international clients as well.

International residents -- if you are a U.S. Citizen living overseas, or a Resident or Non-Resident Alien (in the US or overseas), we can assist you. Regardless of where you are living, we can help you be IRS-compliant.  If you have not filed your tax returns, or have foreign banking issues or any type of foreign reporting for the US tax return, we are compliance specialists and are here to help.

Tax Services
We specialize in individual and small business income tax preparation.  We can file current and back year taxes for any state.   Trust your most important financial document to an experienced tax professional! 

IRS & State Problems
We specialize in solving a broad range of tax problems -- IRS notices, negotiating payment plans, resolving liens and levies, non-filed tax returns, amended returns, etc.

Audit Representation
Received a notice?  Don't make a move without professional help.  We can prepare you for your audit, and even represent you so you never need to meet with the IRS. 

Forms & Worksheets
We offer forms & worksheets to make sure we get you every legal deduction to which you are entitled.  If you don't see a form here, feel free to contact the office.

We work hard to help our clients out of some of the toughest tax trouble.  Read about some of their stories in their own words, and how we were able to help.

Our regularly-updated newsletter provides articles and tips to help you achieve your financial goals. Click on the picture to read our latest newsletter, and feel free to bookmark our site.

Tax Center
Track your refund, check tax due dates or tax rates, quickly print any IRS tax form or publication, download your free tax organizer, or simply estimate your taxes for the year.

We offer financial calculators, news, individual & business tax tips to keep you up to date.  Visit us frequently to take advantage of the offerings.

Contact Us
If you would like to make an appointment, or have any unanswered questions, please contact us by clicking on the picture to the left, or call us at 347/598-0111.

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